Textile products

We’d had a particularly windy winter and on this particular day, leaves missing from trees, all I could focus on was the bags caught up in trees. At first I was shocked at how much rubbish we allow to escape from our rubbish bins and I started identifying the different shops that these bags were from. And for some weeks after, all I noticed anywhere I went was the bags in trees and I became a little fixated! The shapes, negative space, colours, the lovely torn edges all became very influential to me.

Tracings began directly on digital print outs on paper. But as I did these tracings I realised I wanted to be able to use the shapes further, adding colour and layering.

Final designs are then digitally printed onto velvet for cushions and chiffon for scarves.

bags-tile-full bag-cushion-linen2-full bag-cushion-linen-full bag-scarf-full leaf-cushions-full ribbon-leaf-full slinky-leaf-full