These images are of embossed skin, describing the people who were the basis of the navel contour drawings.

These images state the typical information asked for when a passport is issued, age, date of birth, place of birth etc. dual nationality. Visual information is also stated, what we perceive from first meeting an individual – hair colour, body build, height etc. I am interested in the notion that none of this information actually gives us a realistic indication of that person’s true identity, it is much deeper set than this.

These images seek to question your thoughts when building a ‘picture’ of who this person is, some information is more thought provoking than others. These embossed words disappear from the skin within minutes echoing the importance of these statements to our true identity.

Cibachrome prints, 52 x 56cm.

andymc2-full andymil-full samdate-full julie-full bev-full barry-full jossy-fullcolin-full claire510-full