O.S. Forms

From 10 individual’s navel casts, the construction of small contour drawings have evolved that are based on these negative forms. The delicate lines carefully follow the individuals birth chord creating an image from this part of the body where from its cutting at birth, it marks the beginning of a new individual taking the first breath, first food and from this developing the self and identity.

In this sense these drawings can be seen to correspond to birthplaces, birthrights and more obviously land mass. The area is explored as transparent layers, building up the 3 dimensional form using tones that would correspond to the representation of topography of land on ordnance survey maps. These marks are as individual as finger prints yet have the potential to change over time, they are quite fluid in structure.

Cibachrome print, 52 x 56cm also a series of silkscreen prints in an edition of 5, 56 x 76cm.

b.colin-full contour-7-full contour-8-full contour-5-full contour-4-full contour-6-full contour-2-full contour1-full contour-9-full